By Clare McNeeley

Being accurately listed in online directory listings is critical to business success. Mobile phone usage continues to dominate, and it has never been easier for consumers to find what they need online. When customers search for local information, they typically find their way to an online business directory, like Google, Yelp or Yahoo.

The listings on these directories come in many forms. Gone are the Yellow Pages; here and now are the directory listings containing the company name, address, phone number, website URL and sometimes other features such as videos and photos.

Accurate business listings are vitally important to ensure that customers can find your company online. Listings provide them easy access to learn more about your business, as well as the basics to find you – address, categories, phone number, website URL and directions.

Here are only some of the benefits of keeping your business directory listings up to date.

Convenience for the consumer

A potential customer is more likely to go somewhere when the information they need is all in one place. Imagine you’re out of town and looking up a pizza place to order dinner. You want to find two things at a minimum – good reviews and convenience. If a consumer has to spend five minutes to find your phone number, they are just going to move on. The more efficiently the customer can find your details, the faster it will bring them through the door.

Name recognition

Even if a potential customer wasn’t specifically searching for your business, you still want it to pop up. The more they see and hear your business name, the more brand awareness you build. If you have your directories in order, and your competition does not – you have a competitive edge.  This is a key way for a smaller business to compete against a larger one that is not paying attention to its online footprint.

Larger audience: Search results

If your online listings are accurate and not missing any vital information, your business will rank higher in search engine results. Thus, proper directory maintenance can help improve your company’s SEO.

The more you can get your business out there online, the more people will see you over a competitor. As such, at TLC Marketing Consultants, we recommend that you register and monitor in as many online directories as possible. If time doesn’t allow that, make absolutely sure you are in all the “biggies” – Google My Business, Yelp, Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook.

You can also complete your business listings by ensuring that all industry-specific directories have your information, such as real estate or home improvement sites.

Managing your online directory listings is no simple task. If time doesn’t allow or you are too busy running your business – contact us today for your complimentary online audit and let us handle your online footprint!