Using social, digital and traditional marketing assets, we develop platforms and strategies to connect businesses and customers- creatively and engagingly.

We believe that identifying who your customer is and what your customer cares about as it relates to your business is the catalyst to success. Then surround those customers with great ideas, messaging and offers at the right time to build your business to your target level.

This firm began with the concept that high-level marketing acumen and experience should be affordable to key decision-makers in the local business marketplace. We applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of the local business while helping them grow to a desired level of success.

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The Story Behind the Phenomenon of Black Friday

By Kody Ross As Black Friday approaches, the TLC team thought you might want a little refresher on how the craziness started and some trivia tidbits. People have been waiting in lines for Black Friday sales since the 1950s. The name “Black Friday” came about because...

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Top Five Marketing Myths

By Kody Ross Marketing is a broad topic that often gets misconstrued for other things. Because the marketing industry is ever-changing, it can be hard as a small business owner to figure it out sometimes! So check out the five Mythbusters below to get squared away on...

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