By Kody Ross

Every month of the year has multiple specialized causes for awareness, which can provide relevant opportunities for your business while benefitting the community. If the cause is relevant to your particular brand, you can focus advertising and social content for that specific month on a campaign centered around the cause.

Awareness Campaign

The purpose of an awareness campaign is to reach out to your audience in an effective and meaningful way. Just like any other campaign, you will want to deliver a meaningful message to your audience with a call to action.

You will also want to measure your ROI. As such, you should set goals for the campaign prior to launching it.

Take Action

Your ROI may be a little different this time. The goal is to get people to take some sort of action that benefits the cause – not necessarily your bottom line.

So, Why Do It?

Because even the smallest of businesses should try to give back to the community it serves, and while ultimately you want to raise awareness for the issue at hand, note that these kinds of efforts contribute to brand recognition, which can lead to increased revenue and profit. These kinds of campaigns can make you stand out from your competitors as well.

Getting Started

Here are a few basic steps any business can start with to create a solid campaign:

  • First, choose your month and cause. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan.
  • Get creative – what do you want to have your customers do to help out the charitable effort?
  • Document the metrics that you want the campaign to meet by measuring reach, frequency, engagement and, most importantly, how the cause benefits. What is the goal?
  • Create a timeline in which you want these events to occur.
  • Measure ROI. Finally, do not forget to assess the accomplishments of your campaign to see what worked and what you could do differently next time.