By Samantha Matz

Although technology is everchanging, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads remain one of the most effective ways to move the needle on sales almost immediately. Whether you want to drive traffic to a landing page or have customers make calls directly – online ads work! They work even better if you know how to write compelling ad copy.

Here are three quick tips to consider:

Include Emotional Sparks in your Ad

The best advertising connects with the potential customer on an emotional level. It can be something that makes them laugh, tear up or even puts an element of angst in the reader. In fact, negative emotions such as fear, anger and displeasure can be compelling when consuming an ad. The challenge is to balance this because you want your viewers to have a positive perception of your brand at all times.

Use Numbers or Statistics in a Headline:

Using numbers or statistics in a headline can be very beneficial when guiding someone to your ad.

This is particularly effective when you have a very compelling price point offer; remember, they are one click away from buying your product. Simple copy that is easily readable, promoting a great value, makes the sale much easier!

Statistics can often surprise the reader into action as well, but you need to make sure your statistics are factual and come from a reliable source. You will want to have that source as a backup as well, in case customers ask questions.

Tune in on Benefits:

Take away the customer’s pain point by clearly and quickly selling the benefits of your product or service. The customer should be able to read your ad in a matter of seconds and know exactly why they need what you are offering! Word Stream maintains that ad viewers “only care about how you can make their lives easier.”

Plus, if your potential customer is comparing services or products online, being transparent. Having a great offer puts you ahead of your competition, who may have authored a more cumbersome ad.

Indeed, more things go into writing a great ad than the above, but you can immediately improve your ads for PPC by following these tips. Need a hand? Contact us at TLC Marketing Consultants.