By TE Cunningham

  1. Author a marketing plan; work the marketing plan all year long.
  2. Build a Website. If you don’t have a website, you have no excuse for it. While it’s understandable that not every SMB can run out and hire an agency to create a state of the art site for them – there are user-friendly platforms such as WordPress and Wix to at least build the most basic of sites. In the year 2020, a business without a website is going to struggle with being perceived as a legitimate, trustworthy business.
  3. Did you conquer the website? Great, now create your social media channels. What? You already have them – great. Do you have an annual social marketing plan for said channels? If not, get busy! Brainstorm your social ideas, investigate a scheduling tool if you don’t use one already, and make content that is both pre-planned and scheduled along with a steady stream of quality organic content.
  4. Boost, boost, boost. Grow your followers on all channels, and a simple send of even $25-$50 per month to boost can help you in this
  5. Make sure that your website is optimized for SEO on the back end and that it’s mobile-friendly. If you get freaked out on the technical side of things – you may want to have someone help you. A local agency like ours, TLC Marketing Consultants, can help you out with these tweaks in a matter of a few hours. It’s worth a small expenditure.
  6. Make sure all of your social channel profiles are updated and have a creative but professional look. Also, make sure you and your company both have a good presence on LinkedIn.
  7. Start blogging, post on the website and then link to the appropriate social media channels. This is a great way to help keep fresh, relevant info on your website and social media. 
  8. Call and email your local news media outlets – TV, Talk Radio & Print. Offer yourself as an “expert” when they need one for a news story or feature. Reporters and producers typically grow and maintain a list of “experts” in industries to call upon – it’s free advertising if it happens!
  9. Make sure your online directories presence is clean – start with your Google Business Listing
  10. Make and work a plan to solicit online reviews for your company. This is an increasingly important practice that can help you rank better with search engines.

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