By Annie Urban

After the past two years, getting involved with positive charitable organizations is more critical than ever for small businesses. Consumers’ loyalty goes beyond product satisfaction – consumers want to support companies that support the causes they care about.

Time-challenged business owners can support social causes as a brand through an Instagram campaign. Here’s how:

Be Authentic

If you’re going to spend the time publicly aligning your brand with a specific social cause, it is crucial that you actually support that cause and believe in the work being done.

When you believe in a cause and care about its meaning and impact, you are coming from a place of authenticity and passion – this goes a long way with your customers and gives your brand credibility.

Whatever your mission may be, you need to be able to demonstrate how and why you’re supporting that cause. Stay true to your brand and your brand’s values – this will help build a community that respects and shares those values.

Be a Voice for Your Community

You don’t always have to be the one saying something to show support for a social cause. Social listening is an essential part of social media marketing in general – listen to your community and share their voices through your platform.

Share first-hand experiences from people in your community because it not only shows that your brand cares and is listening but also can be relatable to others.

Be Genuine

Your goal in deciding to go public on a social cause needs to be because you genuinely care about it and want to do everything you can to create change – not gain followers or hype your brand up based on a false reality.

Your brand must do things to support the selected cause. Fundraisers, volunteering, hosting events and donating to a charity are all ways you can get your brand and community actively involved in making a change.

Think Long-term

Even if you are doing something for a specific timeframe, like breast cancer awareness in October, try to support the charity year-round. Long-term commitment benefits the charity and increases customer loyalty with those who also support the same cause. You won’t be done after a few Instagram posts; feature the charity and your efforts year-round!

Plan out your campaign annually for cause marketing.

Fun Ideas for Instagram

  • Solicit volunteers for the cause with fun photos making the request
  • Visit the charitable organization and create an Instagram story documenting the visit
  • Post photos of persons/animals the charity has helped – results go a long way
  • Post fun photos encouraging financial gifts to the charity

Find something that rings true to your brand and pour your heart into it – it won’t go unnoticed and could do wonders for your community and the cause at hand. You never know how much of an impact and difference you can make until you put the time and energy into it.