By Saddiqa Alshehhi


Email marketing practices are efficient in helping your business grow. It helps existing customers engage with your business and helps convert subscribers to new customers. Because of the increasing use of email marketing by most businesses, it’s essential to stand out and make your practices effective for your customers. Here are some of the tips that will help improve your email marketing practices:


  1. Send Welcome Emails

Sending a welcome email is a great way to thank your users for subscribing to your email newsletter; it gives a friendly impression about your business to new subscribers and helps build an excellent, long-lasting relationship between customers. This can be automated, so there is no reason not to employ this tactic!


  1. Write Compelling Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first impression your subscribers will receive about your business; make sure your subject line is interesting, short, simple and straightforward. The subject line must contain clear benefits for the subscribers, or they will not bother reading the email. Here are some best practices for creating a compelling subject line. Ask questions in the subject lines, link text to a landing page and continuously run A/B tests on your subject lines.


  1. Do not Use a No-Reply Email Address

No-reply email addresses are a one-way communication method where you can only communicate with your subscribers; it doesn’t serve your customers and can give an awful subscriber experience and lousy customer relationships. If you want to increase your customers’ engagement, include one-on-one conversations because it gives the subscribers a personal touch and makes them feel important. As a small business owner, if you need to use a no-reply email address to manage labor, ensure your email has a straightforward way to reach you – a “contact us” button is a great way to do this.


  1. Segment Your Audience 

Segmenting your audience will save you time and effort and will quickly achieve your email marketing goals. You can segment your subscribers by sending them survey forms and using existing and new survey data. Based on their answers, you can identify what content they like and what’s important to them regarding your business. You can create an email marketing campaign with higher open rates and engagement based on your subscribers’ interests, demographics and preferences.


  1. Make Your Email Easy to Read

Most times, readers will only read part of your email, so always make it easy to read, understandable and interesting so that it can be read in five minutes. Your email should have a clear benefit and offer value to your subscribers and customers, but don’t add industry-specific words that the reader may need help understanding. Always discuss one topic at a time in your email so readers will stay aware of the situation.


  1. Don’t Oversell Your Business

Don’t oversell your business; email marketing is a great way to update people about any sales and products, but it should be more about customer relationships. Shoot for no more than 20% of your emails to have commercial intent. The other 80 % should be about building a long-term relationship with subscribers filled with trust and value.


  1. Use a Quality Email Platform

Use a quality email software platform to help improve your design: use brand colors and fonts, be consistent in font sizes (headlines one size, copy one size, etc.), use video, hyperlink to your site and social, etc. We prefer Constant Contact.


Email marketing helps businesses improve their relationship with customers and drive subscribers to the business. Still, you need to understand how you can use these practices to serve your goals best and how these tips will help you to achieve your business goals. If you need professional help to improve your email marketing strategy, contact us at TLC Marketing Consultants today!