Sales Consultation

In today’s business place, most companies are under extreme pressure, whether from private ownership or shareholders, to increase profitability year after year.

Outside sales consulting can provide you an independent perspective on your organization and identify opportunities to fine-tune your sales operations while gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. At TLC Marketing Consultants, we bring 50+ years of sales and sales management experience to provide you a real-world perspective. We also understand the need for training to be hands-on and practical, and not distract your team from daily responsibilities.

As sales consultants, we work to grow the market share of your company. Our sales consultation can include a wide variety of activities. We can provide an all-day sales training session to fire up the sales team and encourage new and creative prospecting ideas. Or we can offer a training series of sales strategies for your team, followed by hands-on field practice and coach team members on areas for improvement. We are flexible and tailor our work to your company.

In general, our sales consultation will:

  • Provide comprehensive evaluation of your sales team and assist in creating a profile of your ideal sales performer
  • Provide metrics for on-going measurement and evaluation
  • Provide advice on sales compensation and recruitment
  • Provide development of training program and training support for new and current team members
  • Assist on select major sales calls, as desired
  • Provide assistance and direction in development of sales proposals that deliver results, as desired

To learn how TLC Marketing Consultants can help with your sales operation and grow your market share, let’s start a conversation.