By Sofie Thompson

SMB owners often struggle with finding new employees for their operation. There are many important steps to consider to attract potential candidates to your company to start the hiring process. Here are some tips to get you started.

Establish a referral program. Since referrals are usually the best source for finding potential candidates, chances are pretty high that someone you previously hired will understand the qualifications and recruit other suitable candidates. With a referral program, employees can get rewarded if their recommendation is hired. This will help your business gain other well-trusted employees. Also, ask around your professional network for candidate recommendations.

To make your SMB attractive to potential employees, it’s essential to stand out when faced with competitors who want the same candidates. You can do this by offering benefits like flexible schedules, bonus programs and the option to work from home in certain situations. Emphasizing the advantages of working for a small business is beneficial when attracting employees, as well. Another way to stand out compared to other companies within the same niche is to develop a well-written job description that is specific and realistic. Candidates shouldn’t have to question whether or not they are qualified for the position, so avoid any vague language!

Offer a remote work environment. Since remote positions are becoming more popular and normalized, offering a remote work environment could benefit your SMB. This perk can attract a broader audience to the job and allow people who live out of state a chance to apply. Since small businesses tend to have limited space, an online workplace will allow you to hire more candidates. With fewer people working in a physical office, operating costs will decrease as well.

Developing a solid online presence and choosing effective marketing channels is vital for making your brand appealing to potential candidates. When researching your company, candidates should have no problem finding who you are, what you stand for and most importantly, view open positions. Choosing the correct platforms to advertise your brand makes it easier for candidates to find you and apply. Details regarding open positions should be easy to locate on your website and highlighted on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Emphasize the growth and opportunities employees can achieve from working at your small business to get them excited about their future career goals. Keep in mind the role you are promising to offer and the skills they will acquire from this role.

Whether it’s a full-time position or just some extra help, acknowledge what your business truly needs and how this candidate will make your life a little easier.