By Sofie Thompson

As small businesses are still financially recovering from the pandemic, supporting them is more critical than ever. This weekend, you can celebrate Small Business Saturday, a nationwide event where business owners, civic leaders and shoppers come together to support communities and the local businesses that make them so unique!

Founded by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday is intended to support small businesses by encouraging consumers to shop locally and get more customers into smaller stores. This event reminds consumers of the vital role their participation plays in the community.

Some of the benefits of supporting local businesses:

Community Relationships

Local businesses create social and economic relationships within the community. Having a familiar face behind the counter of a local company provides the comfort and trust you wouldn’t usually find at a larger chain. A community is only as strong as its local businesses!

Economic Advantages

Contributing to local causes and putting money back into the community will give your economy a chance to thrive! When consumers buy local, the majority of that money goes right back into the community. Making these kinds of purchasing decisions allows you to reinvest in your community without even realizing it.

Local Owners Care!

Local businesses are most likely owned and operated by people who live in the community, meaning they are more invested in prioritizing the communities future and well-being. This local ownership guarantees that important decisions are made by people who will actually be affected by them.

Job Opportunities

Did you know that local businesses provide the majority of new jobs? Shopping locally keeps businesses open, provides job opportunities for people in your community and supports local entrepreneurs. Keeping these businesses open means keeping your neighbors employed.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

A local business is usually located closer to its consumers, reducing air pollution and traffic. Local stores are also more environmentally sustainable because the goods generally come from other local distributors rather than larger manufacturers.

Small Businesses Keep Your Community Unique

Local shops and restaurants can differentiate themselves from chains by providing one-of-a-kind items. The diversity of their products also allows business owners to meet the needs of consumers. Smaller businesses offer thoughtful gifts that can’t be found at larger corporate stores.

Supporting small businesses means supporting your local community, economy, business owners and so much more. As a local business itself, TLC Marketing Consultants applauds our local small business owners and entrepreneurs.