By Sofie Thompson

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, SMBs can use the holiday as a platform to thank their customers as the year comes to its conclusion. Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is critical for small businesses, and it’s always a good idea to be intentional in showing your appreciation.

Here are some easy ways to thank your customers this Thanksgiving.

Send an email.

Send a message to your customer email list wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving and thanking them for supporting your business. Digital thank you notes are an easy and fast way to remind your customers that their contribution and support do not go unnoticed. Constant Contact is an excellent resource for managing and sending friendly customized emails. If you don’t have emails but have phone numbers, you can also send a quick appreciation text.

Provide customers with a discount code or coupon.

An easy way to show appreciation to your customers is to give back this holiday season. Providing a deep discount with no strings attached to show customers you appreciate their business. Everyone loves a bargain, especially during the holidays!

Give them a call.

Give some of your regular customers a call to say “thank you!” Gestures like this will show customers that you are willing to spend time with them and make them feel special. Speaking to someone on the phone is ten times more thoughtful than a mass message that’s copied and pasted. Since this gesture takes a little more time, focus on your top customers.

Spotlight on social media.

Post on social media about your appreciation for your customers and their support. If appropriate, give shoutouts to specific customers to let them know you acknowledge their loyalty. A creative way you can spotlight your customers is to post a photo of them along with a quote about why you appreciate them. You could also direct message a note to customers who actively engage with your social media platforms.

Give them a gift.

Add a complimentary gift to their purchase. Who doesn’t love free? Why not add a little surprise to their purchase? Thanksgiving-inspired or not, this can include a sticker, pin, keychain, etc., with a thank you note attached. This makes them feel rewarded for shopping at your business and shows customers that you appreciate every purchase they make.

Have a small party.

Invite your regulars to a get-together at your business and celebrate your appreciation for them with them! This gives loyal customers the chance to feel special and encourages loyalty. If cost is a concern, make the party BYOB and provide treats and discounts as an incentive.

Write a letter.

Write a personalized letter to your important customers to show them that their loyalty is recognized and appreciated. Have a team member take time to handwrite a letter that’s addressed to the customer and signed by the team. If there is something specific you can add to personalize the letter more, do it. If a loyal customer mentions they are going out of town for Thanksgiving, wish them safe travels in the note. This gesture will make them feel special and important and show that you care about their lives outside the store.

Big or small, any gesture you give your customers to show your appreciation will make them feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.