By TE Cunningham

Do you have a project you keep putting off because it is so overwhelming that you just don’t know where to start?

That’s a problem for many SMB owners, who are time-challenged, and task overloaded. A former boss once told me to review my to-do list each morning and do the thing I most didn’t want to do- first. It was great advice. It helped avoid situations that could be stressful and delays in getting tasks completed. It also helped me get organized when handling that, which was overwhelming.

Organization is key to not losing it on a stressful project. Here are some steps to follow to make it so!

  1. Prioritize what needs to be accomplished and author a list of things involved in the process – from people needed to any supplies and the budget required, if applicable. Getting it all written down is a great starting point.
  2. Create deadlines for the tasks you just authored. Prioritize the most important action items. Then order the process by deadline dates – a simple excel grid is perfect for this. Make a column for who is responsible for the task completion in addition to the due date.
  3. Don’t forget to delegate. If there are action items that others can (and should) assist with – get them in your boat. Make sure you clearly define the tasks and results expected of each individual with clear due dates.
  4. Keep it automated – leave your chicken scratch for thank you notes. Do all the above electronically and put the documents in a shared folder so everyone involved can contribute.
  5. Monitor progress to ensure everyone is tracking to complete their action items on time and revise your plan as needed.


It sounds simple, and it is. But you will be amazed at how the above steps reduce your stress level at work and increase your professional confidence. Those who work with you will appreciate the organization as well. If you need outsourced help, we are here. Contact TLC Marketing Consultants today.