By Evan Parsons

Podcasts are on the rise, and there are many different types of episodes to choose from. Of the U.S. population 51% (144 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast. Podcast marketing allows businesses to tell their story through a modern medium. Businesses have the opportunity by creating a podcast to broaden their network and increase awareness. Podcasts also allow brands to be creative with their messaging to stand out.

When kicking-off your podcast, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, think of your target audience, who do you want to reach? Next, make a plan for your show and what content you want to include. Think about your end goal for the podcast, and express that to listeners in the beginning of the series. Explain to viewers why they should care about your series.

Here are tips on getting started:

  • Make your podcasts accessible and easy for followers to find.
  • Create a launch video for the podcast series to attract listeners.
  • Create posts on social media to remind subscribers when new podcasts are available.
  • Promote each episode with video clips or quotes to increase interest in the upcoming episode.
  • Include interviews with important guests or cover trending discussion topics to entice viewers.
  • Figure out a great distribution network – this piece alone will require much research, but it is well worth the time spent; your podcast won’t do much of anything if it doesn’t reach an audience!

Along with building an audience through your podcast distribution channel, it is also important to create a network among other podcasters. Team up with podcasters with similar content to have them on your show, or make a guest appearance on theirs. Learning from a podcaster with experience and a large fan base can really benefit your show. Building a network early can also help you become more successful down the road. Earning a good reputation and building credibility will attract a larger fan base.