By TE Cunningham & Shea Eckert

Have you been wondering if TikTok is a fit for your SMB? If you don’t have a marketing team member to get you set up, here are some helpful tips to get you started on this exploding social network.

Start by creating your TikTok account. Follow businesses related to yours to stay updated with your industry and have the most robust page possible. You can also follow current customers and potential new customers.

Be consistent in your branding and make sure all graphics follow it, especially your TikTok profile picture. We recommend a logo bug for the profile pic; make sure your entire logo shows in the box if you choose to do that instead. If you use any graphics in your produced content, make sure they match your branding as well.

Audience at a Glance: 

TikTok: 675 Million Users

Gen-Z and Millennials are the most active groups on TikTok, with 69% of TikTok users aged 10-29.

In 2020, the average TikTok user spent 858 minutes a month (~46 minutes a day) on the platform. Since a TikTok video can range from 0-3 minutes, a user is assumed to be exposed to 30+ different types of content each day.

90% of TikTok users open the app every day, meaning that most of its users are exposed to the content on TikTok daily. According to TikTok for business, 74% of users say that TikTok inspired them to find out more about companies and products, and 66% of users have been influenced by TikTok on what to buy (sources: and

Number of Posts per Day:  One to three times per day

A newer contender in the social media world, TikTok rose to popularity during the pandemic, launching influencers and brands, and allowed small businesses to grow their brands quickly with viral videos, accessing new audiences.

If you want your company to do an excellent job with TikTok, you need to commit to consistent posting, but many businesses find this social outlet more burdensome to manage time-wise.

Best Posting Times: 

The best timeframe to post on this network is 9 AM – 3 PM, with a notable peak at 9 AM.

Best Posting Days:

Wednesday & Friday; Sunday is the worst performing day for this app.

Types of Content:

Create engaging videos – humor is a great way to go on this network; in general, try to entertain your audience along with highlighting your products.

If your SMB sells products, make videos highlighting your products. This could influence viewers to find out more about your SMB and maybe even buy your products.

Use hashtags that already exist on TikTok to get more views and exposure. Some hashtags include:

  • #smallbusiness – has received over 33.8 billion views
  • #entrepreneur – has received over 12.8 billion views
  • #smallbusinesscheck – has received over 10.2 billion views
  • #supportsmallbusiness – has received over 3.1 billion views

Create your own hashtag and get your customers to use it when they post anything about your brand on the network.

Partner with other TikTok creators to gain a more significant following.

Go “live” on TikTok and host a live stream related to your SMB for your followers.

Hopefully, this information can get you on the road to your business’s social media success. If you feel overwhelmed by content creations, posting schedules and most of all, time commitments, we can help! Contact us at today!