By Clare McNeeley

Are you struggling to grow Followers on your SMB’s social media? Or, maybe you aren’t seeing the engagement you want with your posts. Perhaps you have people unfollowing you with frequency. Growing successful media channels takes time, strategy and passion.

That said, there are a handful of simple things to avoid as you get started.

  1. Do not post about politics.

This is a sure way to lose followers. As divided as our country currently is in this area, there is a pretty good chance of offending roughly half of your customers with any political post. Remember, your customers aren’t following you for your political stance or political news; they want to know about your business, so keep it focused on that. Keep it informative, fun and engaging – not controversial

  1. Do not combine your business account with your personal account.

If your followers want to learn about your personal life, they will follow your personal account. Keep all business accounts separate and program them differently than you would your personal page.

  1. Stay away from negativity within your industry, and don’t bag on your competition.

You may get engagement when you post negative content, but that doesn’t mean it is effective. This type of content is equivalent to drama in real life, and it doesn’t belong on your business page. Don’t bag on your competitors either; in fact, don’t acknowledge them at all on your social. Some companies have successfully done this, especially on Twitter (think Taco Bell, Wendy’s, etc.), but they have a team of witty people working on that round the clock

  1. Don’t overdo it on the sales posts.

Keep your followers in the loop, and give them the appropriate updates. But do not hit them with a sale after sale after sale. Overposting can fill up their feed and draw them away from following you. It’s social media, not sales media. Give them some good engaging content around those product/service posts.

  1. Edit and edit again!

Do not make spelling and grammar errors on your social. Have someone proof posts before they are scheduled.

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