By Sofie Thompson

Marketing on an SMB limited budget can be a challenge for business owners. There is an almost unlimited number of choices for your marketing and advertising efforts in today’s world, and many of them are significant in cost.

That said, you can do things to get the word out about your products and services even on the smallest of marketing budgets. Here are just a few ideas to get your company noticed this year.

  1. Tag other brands/companies in your social media posts and use hashtags! Doing these simple things on your platforms is an easy way to bring traffic to your profiles and potentially grow your following. Tagging brands on social media will help drive their followers to your page. Also, using relevant or trending hashtags can allow your post to reach a variety of users. Tagging loyal customers and other local companies can help build your followers and create awareness about your brand as well. Remember not to tag any direct competition, though!
  2. Create a Google My Business This resource provides an easy way to manage your online presence and help customers find you for free! GMB helps your business appear in search results when people are looking for you and allows Google users to view your information in Google Maps. This tool makes important details accessible to viewers interested in your products or services, like your street address, phone number, store hours and more. Be sure to add relevant keywords and a complete list of products and services.
  3. Join local business groups. Joining a local business group is a great opportunity to expand your network, share referrals and learn from other business owners. These groups can provide meaningful advice to help your business reach its full potential and even lead to partnerships. Finding a niche-specific group that fits your SMB can help take your business to the next level, and many allow members to join for no cost!
  4. Send out a customer satisfaction survey. Allowing your customers an opportunity to provide feedback on your product or service is crucial to understanding their needs and wants. This information can help your business recognize what’s working and what’s not. Customer satisfaction surveys are a cheap and easy way to measure how well your business meets customer expectations and how you should go about your business in the future.
  5. Repurpose old content. Recycling old material and posting it on other platforms or channels is an easy strategy to keep your social media alive. If you have quality posts on your Instagram from a year ago, it will most likely be brand new content for your more recent followers. Repurposing content is an easy way to save time and money.

Finally, don’t lose heart because your budget doesn’t allow for spending on major mediums like television and outdoor boards. You can grow a small company without those assets – just focus on what you can do versus what you can’t afford! Need a hand? Contact us at today!