By Molly Heitz


The digital world is everchanging, and it can be challenging for local business owners to stay on top of it. They are often overtaxed just running their businesses’ day-to-day, and some digital tactics can be complicated for those without training. As such, here are a few emerging and popular digital tactics that can help your local business grow.


  1. SMS Marketing


SMS Marketing can be a great way to connect with your clients directly through texts. Once opted-in, you can use SMS messages to engage with your clients. The uses of SMS marketing include promotions, coupons and personalized messages. You want to ensure these messages are short, making them a quick and easy read for your customers. You also want to ensure there is a way for your customers to opt out of these messages.


  1. Video Marketing


Video Marketing is one of the most popular activities on Facebook and other social channels. Creating video ads is a great way to hop on this trend. You can create a YouTube or Vimeo channel and upload videos to connect with and inform your audience. Another way to utilize video marketing is to create Tik Tok business videos and other social media video options. You want to share your videos using trending hashtags to help users find them easily. Using hashtags can also help direct customers to your business platform.


Don’t worry; you don’t have to go high-tech. Amazon, or your local electronics store, will have plenty of inexpensive video filming aids, from cordless mics that plug into your smartphone to tripods for your phone. There are also plenty of editing tools online that are inexpensive and very intuitive for beginners. Check out some of them here.


  1. Email Marketing:


Email Marketing is another great way to connect with your clients. You want to send personalized emails to connect the recipient to your business further. You can segment your emails to send personalized emails to different segments. Doing this will add value to each member of your email list. Also, adding an easy way for members to opt out of your email list will help narrow down your segments, making it easier for you and the recipient.


We recommend using an email online software program – Constant Contact is great for beginners.


  1. Conversational Marketing


Conversational Marketing is another digital trend that can be used. This includes chatbots, AI assistants and other ways customers can quickly contact you. Conversational marketing can be useful for improving customer service, generating leads and answering questions. With this type of marketing, your customers can use this tool 24/7 without having to answer calls and emails yourself. This lets your customers chat through a bot, text messages or chat platform. If a client needs a person to chat directly with, messages can be sent to a call center or you.


  1. Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing has been growing for the last few years and has generated excellent business outcomes. This type of marketing can open your business to a larger scale of potential customers. This strategy entails sending free products or payments to a prominent social media personality. In return, this personality will create online content advertising your brand or business to its followers.


You can pair with social media personalities on Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Also, choosing the online personality with the most significant followers may be optional for your business. The same effect can be used with micro-influencers, personalities with 1,000 to 10,000 followers. This option can be a cheaper, more small business-friendly option.


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