By Shea Eckert

At TLC Marketing Consultants, we are fortunate to work with many small and medium-sized business owners, including several independent retailers. It is our pleasure to celebrate them during Independent Retailer Month.

Independent Retailer Month focuses on continuing the success of independent retailers by encouraging individuals to shop locally. In the United States alone, there is a growing number of 150,000 independent retail stores. By supporting independent retailers, you help your local community thrive, as well as support entrepreneurs who took a risk by creating their business. According to a study done by Civic Economics, independent retailers return 46.9% of their revenue to their local economy.

If you are curious about giving back to local entrepreneurs and supporting your community, here are some ideas you can use to observe Independent Retailer Month.

  1. Discover Your Local Neighborhood

By taking the time to discover your local neighborhood, you will learn about the different independent retailers located in the area. To do this, you can use an online search engine tool such as Independent We Stand. This webpage allows you to search your zip code to find independent retailers near you.

  1. Go Shopping This Month

The best way to give back to independent retailers during Independent Retailer Month is to shop at their stores. Bring your friends and family along with you to show your support!

  1. Share Online Reviews

If you shop at an independent retailer, it is beneficial for the business to review it online on websites such as Yelp. By leaving a review, you tell locals about your experience at the independent retailer, which could lead to them gaining more customers.

  1. Support Independent Retailers on Social Media

You can use your social media page to share and support your favorite independent retailers with your friends. By utilizing Facebook’s “check-in” feature, you can tell your friends that you patronize your favorite independent retailer and why it is a great place to shop. By sharing your favorite independent retailers, you will help the retailers gain more local awareness.

Although July is Independent Retailer Month, remember to support your local independent retailers all year long. Remember that by showing your support, you are helping an entrepreneur’s dream come true!