By Charlotte Richter

Live streaming has been growing in popularity since its introduction across media platforms including the news, sports broadcasting, gaming and social media. According to Livestream “Live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.”

Video streaming is already a trademark of the upcoming generation, and according to a report by Research and Markets, by 2021, it is projected to be a $70.05 billion industry. The most accessible form of live streaming is available through a smart-phone, and social media streaming including Facebook Live, Instagram Live Stories, Twitter Live Feeds and Youtube Live; each serves as a highly beneficial outlet for many businesses.

The Benefits

  1. Exposure. The most simple benefit of live streaming as a brand is reaching a broader audience. Often, live video streaming can be browsed across different platforms. Live videos, like social media posts, can often create habitual interest when they are active on a consistent schedule or topic. It’ll keep your existing audience hooked and maintain an influx of potential customers because it is often at the forefront of social media feeds.
  2. Exclusivity. Creating excitement around new product releases does well on Facebook Live. Political and Athletic events, as well as breaking news, do well on Twitter. Instagram has a feature which allows joint live streaming, which can serve as a more creative way to broadcast interviews and discussions.
  3. Engagement. Live streaming is arguably candid, while it can be scripted, there is no editing because the point is real-time content, this is good because current social media trends hold value to realistic, unfiltered posts. Also, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have live commentary and reaction features so that audience members may interact directly with the broadcast and influence content. This also dodges platform algorithms that could move your brand away from a user’s main feeds.
  4. Budget-friendly. Depending on your content, live video doesn’t take extra editing or equipment outside of a smartphone and idea. In fact, you can make revenue from certain streaming services by simply charging for access. You can also edit and repost content later!