By Kody Ross

Blogging has become a necessity for businesses to create a more personal and unique experience for their consumers. It can develop brand voice and personality and set your SMB apart from other companies in your industry. A blog should be engaging and either informational or entertaining. So how can you blog like a pro? Read on.

  1. Be Original 

Nobody wants to read something they have already read before, so be original! Talking about a topic in a new, exciting way will create more traffic to your blog. As a business owner, talk about what sets you apart from everyone else. Write about something that you think will grab the attention of your readers. Blogs are meant to be casual, so don’t write like you are writing a research paper.

  1. Use an Outline

Just like with anything else you write, make sure to have a plan of what it is going to be about. Outlines are great for planning and staying on task. Even though blogs are fairly short, don’t be afraid to break out an outline. They are also great for helping with writer’s block!

  1. Title

Never underestimate a good title. This is one of the most important pieces if you want anyone to click on your blog. This is also important for how it is found on the search engine, not to mention that it is the first thing the readers see before reading it. Ensure the title is concise enough and includes a great search keyword for your business (and don’t forget to sprinkle these throughout the blog)!

  1. Let Someone Else Read It

Even if you don’t want someone to read over your work, they should. Most people do not enjoy someone reading over their work for fear of rejection, but this is crucial to good writing. Make sure whoever reads your work gives you feedback afterward. At the end of the day, blogs are written for other people to read, so why not make sure it is perfect?

  1. Length: Be Concise 

Length is also an important part of blog writing. Generally, blogs are supposed to be short and sweet. People enjoy blogs because they are more concise and easier to read, rather than reading a boring essay. You want your blog to read quickly, but have the reader learn something new. Typically, between 300-700 words is an appropriate length, but if you need to go a little bit over to get the point across, it’s okay – just make sure that you are not rambling!