social media

By T.E. Cunningham

It’s a story those of us in social media management hear again and again: “Well I had an intern for the summer who knew all about social media, and they set everything up- so I don’t have any of the log-ins.”

Social Media Permissions

Would you let someone run an advertisement or issue a press release for your company without even looking at it? Because you just gave someone else permission to make decisions on your social media without your consent. What’s worse, you may never be able to get that URL, Facebook page, Twitter handle, etc. back. If you don’t get that back, you now have confusion in the market on which social page is actually “you.”

Social Media Log-Ins

If you are a small business owner, do one of two things to create your social pages: Create an email address through your company email that is specifically to set up all social accounts and then forward to the person managing your social media accounts (or give your social media manager admin access). Or as a second option use your company email address. By following this process, you have control of the email addresses used to set up your social accounts.  Secondly, if you lose the password, you will have the ability to reset it, as a notification will be sent to your company email account.

Furthermore, keep strict controls on access and passwords to those channels. Do this by keeping a document of all your social media user names, addresses, and who has been assigned as an admin. Protecting your social channels is protecting your brand.

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