By Kody Ross

Holidays are always a great time to take advantage of special promotional ideas. Because it directly precedes the biggest shopping season of the year, Halloween is a marketer’s dream. Last year alone, shoppers spent $8.8 billion on Halloween retail. No matter what industry your small business is in, there are great ways to use Halloween promotions to help bring new customers through your doors.

Decorate Your Store or Restaurant

If you have a business that people can physically visit, this is a great first step. Adding some fall and spooky decorations will help draw customers in and show off your products or services in a fun way. Tip: Remember any time there is an opportunity for a photo backdrop, you can increase engagement online. Plus, when they take photos and post them, it’s free advertising!

Add Fall Flavors or Merchandise

If your business is in the food or beverage industry, think about adding a temporary, seasonal item to your menu. Fall flavored drinks and desserts are always a fan favorite. For example, Starbucks sells 20 million pumpkin spiced lattes a year. Obviously, your SMB doesn’t need to strive for such lofty results, but something new that catches on is a great way to give your sales a boost.

Is your SMB retail-based? Then try offering Halloween-themed clothing, accessories or decorations. Customers love to buy things that are a limited edition.

Host a Halloween Event

Think about hosting a Halloween open house weekend. This is a great opportunity to have Halloween treats, merchandise and other goodies to give to your customers or clients. Invite customers to wear their costumes and have a contest. This is another great way to get positive social media exposure.

Halloween Content for Social Media

Create a special hashtag for all Halloween posts on your social media. Once you have a hashtag, tell your customers to post their Halloween pictures using the same hashtag. This is a great way to repost their photos and feature them on your social platforms!

Offer a Spooky Sale

Everyone loves a good sale. Try out different promotions, especially right before the biggest holiday season approaches. This is a great way to bring in new customers, and hopefully, keep them coming back!

So this Halloween, give it a promotional try with your SMB – the results may be so good it’s scary!

Sorry, it was too easy!